About Us

What is the MOMS Club?

We are a chapter of the International MOMS Club - MOMS Offering Moms Support, which is a national non-profit organization for stay-at-home mothers.  It includes moms who work part time and moms who have home based businesses.  If you are looking to make new friends while having fun with your children, this is the club for you!

We have over 2,100 chapters and over 110,000 members members and are the largest and fastest growing support group specifically for stay-at-home moms.  We meet during the day when at-home mothers most need support.  Children are an important part of our Club.  We encourage you to bring your children to everything we do excluding MOMS Night Out, which is just for you.


The MOMS Club sponsors events with our members in mind.  We offer many different kinds of activities, including kids crafts, group outings, park days and so much more.  We encourage you to attend as many or as few of the activities as you would like.  We’re always looking for new things to try so if you have any suggestions, please contact our Activities Coordinator.


Small groups meet once a week in members’ homes for mom interaction and kid playtime.  These groups are set up according to children’s ages and include newborns and babies.  A liability form must be on file before a member can participate in a playgroup.  The playgroups usually meet in the mornings, with the day of the week varying from playgroup to playgroup.  Some of our members even belong to more than one playgroup!  If you are interested in joining a playgroup, please contact our Playgroup Coordinator.

Sunshine Committee

This committee was established with the idea of helping other members.  The participants provide meals to moms who have just delivered or whose families are going through a rough time.  These individuals also strive to make new members feel welcome and are constantly trying to come up with creative ideas to make all members feel special.  If you would like to volunteer or if you need some assistance, please contact our Committee head.

MOMS Night Out

Once a month, we plan a social gathering just for the MOMS.  This is an opportunity to get together and socialize without the little ones around.  In the past we have gone shopping, out to dinner,  to the movies, and have enjoyed some fun organized activities at various members’ homes.

Newsletter and Calendar

Both the Newsletter and Calendar are distributed monthly.  The Newsletter provides up to date information about MOMS Club happenings while the Calendar is always packed full of activities for you and your children to enjoy.  Please don’t forget to RSVP to all events.  If you are an existing member and need a copy of the Newsletter or Calendar, then please send an email with your request via our Contact Page.

Community Service

Contributing to our community is an important part of the MOMS Club.  We take pleasure in helping children and families in need.  In the past, we have supported SERVE, BARN, Adopt-a-Highway, and CareNet Pregnancy Resource Center as well as several other organizations.  For more information regarding this program, please contact our Administrative VP.

Membership Meetings

Membership meetings are held the third Monday of the month at 10:00am unless otherwise noted.  All members, prospective members and their children are encouraged to attend.

Membership meetings provide a time for socializing, discussing club business, volunteering for upcoming events and checking out what’s coming up for the next month.

Membership and Dues

The dues for the MOMS Club are $20.00 per year.  To become a member, simply fill out a Liability Release form and return it to the Membership VP along with a check made out to the MOMS Club of Bristow North.

We understand that being an at-home mother often means having a tight budget.  Therefore, if paying the dues would be a financial hardship on your family, please notify our Membership VP.

You are welcome to attend two of our monthly membership/business meetings before paying the annual dues.  For liability reasons, you must be a member before participating in playgroups and/or activities held at members’ homes.

Contact Us!

If you are not yet a member and would like to find out more about our chapter or join the MOMS Club, then please send us an email via our Contact Page.

If you are an existing member and would like to contact one of the Board Members or Coordinators, then please refer to the Member Resources section of the latest newsletter, which lists the corresponding contact information.

* Bristow North territory is defined as Bristow Neighborhoods North of Nokesville Roadnewboundaries.


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